How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10?

Nowadays, an impressive number of civilized people use the installed Windows 10 operating system on computers and laptops. At the same time, often saving on antiviruses, they trust the Microsoft Defender program provided by the OS creators, which effectively copes with its functions. However, in certain situations, Defender in Windows 10 can be difficult for download winrar crack, so the task of disabling Windows Defender is acute for many.

How to disable MICROSOFT DEFENDER anti-virus using WINDOWS SECURITY?

It is available to disable Defender in Windows 10 completely or temporarily. If temporarily disabling Microsoft Defender Antivirus is enough to solve the task, then it is best to use this method:

  1. You need to get to the “Windows Security” section, this can be done, both through the “Start”, also by pressing the key combination “Windows” + “I” and selecting the appropriate line
  2. In this section, go to the subsection “Protection against viruses and threats”
  3. In the right panel under the line “Virus and threat protection settings” click “Manage settings”
  1. We find the parameter “Real-time protection”, and to disable Microsoft Defender, the switch below it is switched to the “Off” position

In the window that appears, you must confirm the action and click “Yes”. Now Defender in Windows 10 is temporarily disabled and you can start performing an existing task that was interfered with by the antivirus.

In order to enable Defender in Windows 10, you will need to return the switch to the “On” position or simply restart your computer!