How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 11?

It is well known that antivirus programs are essential to protect computers, but users often have all sorts of problems choosing and installing them. In view of this, the developers of the Windows 11 operating system provide a built-in Defender antivirus, which mistakenly blocks the installer winrar crack.

As practice has shown, Microsoft Defender is not at all ideal – it consumes a lot of computer resources and is capable of causing other problems to the user. Therefore, quite a few people prefer to disable Defender in Windows 11, and although this turns out to be a difficult task, there are several ways to deal with it.

How to disable Defender in Windows 11 in Group Policy settings

1. Initially, go to “Start”, and go to the “Settings” of a computer with the Windows 11 operating system

2. We need the “Privacy and Security” section, as well as the “Virus and Threat Protection” subsection

3. In the “Virus and threat protection” settings, click “Manage settings”

4. You will need to scroll down the menu to the “Protection from unauthorized access” parameter and turn the switch shown in the figure to the “OFF” position

5. When asked about making changes, click “Yes”

6. After that, a message will immediately appear stating that the computer may be vulnerable, you just need to close this message

7. At the next step, you need to write in the search bar (Icon on the taskbar) – Change group policy, in the result that appears, activate the Group Policy Editor

8. In the left panel, select “Configuration” and “Administrative Templates”, in the right panel “Windows Components”

9. In the right panel, go down to “Microsoft Defender Antivirus” and go to the folder

10. Find the option “Turn off Microsoft Defender Antivirus”

11. Right-click select “Edit”

12. In the window that appears, in order, click “Enabled”, “Apply” and confirm “OK”

13. Next, in the folder we find the line “Allow the antivirus service to always run”, and right-click on it, select “Edit”

14. Here we select “Disable”, we must click “Apply”, and only after that “OK”

15. We continue to make changes in the “Microsoft Defender Anti-Virus” folder, for this we find the “Real-time Protection” subfolder and go into it

16. Select the option “Disable real-time protection”, and on it we press the right mouse button and click “Edit”

17. In this window, select “Enable”, then, as usual, “Apply” and “OK”

After the actions taken, the setting of the “Group Policy Settings” can be considered complete. However, it is important to know that on subsequent reboots of the computer, the changes in Windows 11 will be canceled and the previous settings restored. In order for this not to happen, you will need to change the settings of the “Task Scheduler”. Find “Task Scheduler” available through the search, then you need to go into it

In the left panel, expand the “Task Scheduler Library” folder

Find and open folders in this order: “Microsoft”, “Windows” and “Windows Defender”

On the “Windows Defender” folder, right-click, and turn off four options:
Maintaining the Windows Defender Cache
Cleaning Windows Defender
Windows Defender Scheduled Scan
Windows Defender Check

Now, it remains only to fix all previously performed operations. To do this, you should open the Command Prompt and enter the command: gpupdate/force and run it by clicking “OK”

After that, Windows Defender will be disabled and will not start after reboots!