How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 8.1?

Often, the slowdown of the Windows 8.1 operating system is caused by the fact that the installed free Microsoft Defender antivirus consumes too much computer and laptop resources, especially those with a solid service life. Based on this, it is important for a considerable number of users to learn how to disable Defender in Windows 8.1 in order to install winrar crack and another antivirus with less resource consumption and speed up computer equipment.

Disable Microsoft Defender in app settings

Although there are several ways to turn off Microsoft Defender in Windows 8.1, we recommend using the one below for several reasons. Firstly, the proposed method to disable Windows Defender is the easiest, and secondly, it allows you to find out whether the work of a personal computer or laptop will improve without an antivirus before installing a new program that provides protection against viruses and threats. The presented method is as follows:

1. First of all, you need to open Defender in Windows 8.1. You can find a free antivirus by going to “Start”, then to “Control Panel”, and in the upper right corner in the “Search” field, type “Windows Defender”, having found the answer to it, you will have to press the left mouse button

2. In the Windows Defender program window that opens, go to the «Settings» tab. In the left panel, go to the “Administrator” subsection, in the right panel, uncheck “Turn on Windows Defender”

3. To complete the action, click “Save Changes” below.

Among the advantages of this method, it should be noted that after restarting the computer or laptop – Microsoft Defender in Windows 8.1 antivirus will be automatically enabled again if you have not installed a new antivirus program!