In fact, a large number of users have already made sure that the WinRar archiving program is not only useful, but also a very convenient program to use. However, a considerable number of modern people sometimes have problems with the WinRar program, especially when unzipping files. For example, it is not at all uncommon when, after unpacking files, some users have to look for a long time where they are on a computer or laptop.

Of course, it is quite possible to call the cause of such a problem elementary inattention. In fact, often inconvenience arises from the fact that WinRar offers several ways to unzip, and in fact, on the contrary, it is very convenient if you understand them.

For example, you can specify where to unpack files in the program settings, in which case you just need to right-click on the desired archive and select “Extract files” in the context menu. But this method is not suitable if you need to extract files to different folders each time. In these situations, it is possible to use the “Open in WinRar” context menu command and use the program explorer to specify the path to extract files through the folder tree. It is also important to point out one feature of extracting folders from an archive: it is possible to extract a folder with the same name “Extract to current folder”, or “Extract to folder *folder name”. In the second case, a folder is created with the name of the folder with the archive, in which there will be a folder from the archive, that is, a folder in the folder.