In fact, the program has a lot of functionality, which makes WinRaR very convenient in successfully solving a variety of tasks every day. Despite the fact that using this program is not difficult, in certain cases difficulties may arise, and we will tell you further how to overcome them.

For example, it is not at all uncommon when it becomes necessary to create an archive with important files to send them by e-mail to a work colleague or acquaintance, so I would like to protect the archive from strangers. Thanks to the WinRar program, this can be done easily and very quickly.

Having found the file or folder of interest on the computer disk, right-click to open the context menu and select “Add to archive” in it. The WinRar program window “Name and parameters of the archive” will appear in which you will need to specify or select the required parameters. For example, you can set the name of the archive, which will not match the name of the file or folder, which will divert the attention of strangers from the archive. In addition, you can choose the archive format: RAR, RAR4 or ZIP. On the right below, you need to click “Set password” and in the field that appears specify the password, in the second field enter the password again to confirm, then click “OK” and the encrypted archive will be created by WinRar. Do not forget to transfer the password by another letter or in another way to the person to whom the files in the archive were intended!