It is well known that the WinRar program is one of the best for compressing files, both separately and in folders, and also for decompressing from archives of almost any format, including rare ones. Therefore, if for some reason there is no WinRar on a computer, laptop or mobile device with the Android operating system, this program must be installed.

There are several main reasons why there may not be a convenient WinRar program. For example, a new purchased laptop most likely will not have this program. Also, those who reinstalled the Windows operating system on their computer will probably face the need to install WinRar.

In the variant, if everything is quite clear with installing WinRar on Android, since it is enough to go to the Play Market, then there are certain nuances with installation on a computer or laptop. First of all, it should be said that it is best to install WinRar from the official website of the program developer. This is explained by the fact that in another case, additional software may be installed along with WinRar, which in the future will cause problems and inconvenience. After downloading the program from the official site, it is enough to run the installation file with the EXE extension, which is no different from installing various programs. An important advantage of the WinRar program is that it is automatically integrated into the operating system, and this is very convenient. We add that everyone who installs WinRar on a computer for the first time and is not particularly familiar with its capabilities will have 40 days of free use, which is enough to decide whether to buy a license or not.