Nowadays, not all users are familiar with the WinRar program and do not know for what purposes it is needed. Moreover, often this useful program is not installed at all, which is a mistake. Therefore, it is worth understanding the capabilities of the WinRar program – for this, it is enough to read the proposed article.

For example, almost all of us have folders on computers or laptops with photos or videos that we rarely view, but they take up a lot of free space, although there is definitely no desire to delete them. In addition, they often encounter the fact that it is not possible to send a large file by e-mail. It may also happen that after downloading some useful file on the Internet with incomprehensible ZIP or RAR extensions, it is not clear how and with what to open them. In all these cases, you can’t cope without the WinRar program!

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Thanks to the recommended program, you can compress a large file to some extent and place it in an archive, for example, with the most popular ZIP or RAR extensions, which will be smaller. It is convenient to store such archives, name them in an accessible way so that it is understandable for yourself or others, or you can leave the name of the folder that you will archive. If necessary, the archive is always easy to unzip using WinRar. To do this, just right-click on the archive and select “Extract” in the window that appears – of course, if the program is already installed, otherwise you will need to download and install it!