Quite a few have already seen from their own experience that the WinRar program is not only useful, but also a very convenient program. Pleasant and well-thought-out interface, ease of use, as well as a considerable list of features, including a built-in explorer – this is not a complete list of what WinRar is popular for. However, not all users who regularly use WinRar know that by changing a few settings in this program, you can make it even more convenient for yourself.

The initially installed WinRar program is already configured, which is quite enough for many users. However, some settings deserve extra attention. In order to get into the program settings, you need to launch WinRar and go to the ” Options” tab.

In the settings, go to the “General” section. Here you can change the system settings: “Low priority” – so that the program consumes less computer resources; “Multithreading” – which allows you to use all the cores of the computer during operation, which is important when archiving large files. Change the settings by checking or unchecking the boxes. In the “Integration” settings section, you can also make certain changes, for example, disable the association of WinRar with specific extensions, which can be useful if you use several archiving programs on your computer. These settings will help you to work with WinRar more efficiently.